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Intentional Gatherings Co. Launch Party

Hello and welcome to our very first blog post!!! We are so excited that you chose to click on this specific post and read it. This will be one of the most special blogs we ever write.

Each and every month, Intentional Gatherings Co. will highlight a styled shoot on our blog, Instagram, website, and more! For the month of September, we will go over all the quite ~intentional~ details from our launch party a couple of weeks ago. If you see anything you like, all of the vendor details are listed at the end of the page!

Entrance Archway

To make sure everyone knew that this was THE entrance to the party, we put these wooden 12 foot arches up. They were quite heavy so we put colorful vines in the base to add color and stability.

The Welcome Table

When your guests arrive at your event, you should draw their attention. We wanted this to be an interactive experience, so we had to use polaroids! This is our favorite way to get guests involved and bring a smile to their face. Adding a colorful sign, florals, and candles added some more textures and dimension to the table. We also had a larger sign that directed guests to the backyard of the home.

Kids Table

The kids table featured a pair of hot pink tapered candles with a rainbow candle holder, pillows to sit around the table, and of course cookies! This was more like a picnic style table for them to eat dinner at and play.

The Bar

The bar needs a strong sign to help guests choose what drinks they want to try. We had a large bar sign, candles, florals, cookies, and koozies! The goal of this section was to be more simple and match the natural colors of the bar. Just about every part of the party was very colorful, so creating a more neutral bar setup helped the overall theme flow.

Dessert Station

This was by far our favorite part of the whole event. We loooove treats and had to incorporate as many as we could, just as long as they matched the colors. The donut wall is a big crowd pleaser, and you can actually rent this from us! A big tip for dessert tables is to have various heights and shapes for the platters that display the sweets. We actually will just have to write a whole blog on this topic because one snippet does not do it justice!


The tables were playful and mismatched. Colorful plates with white napkins and branded cookies lined the outside of the table. Various heights of tapered candles were placed along the center of the table with bud vases, pillar candles, and tea lights sprinkled in.

Balloon Garlands

Two different balloon garlands were placed in areas that were large and needed to be covered. One garland went up above on the balcony and another went across the fire place. The fireplace could have been nice to have going with a s'more station, but summertime in Newport Beach means sun and heat! We decided to hide it with the garland and this was a big hit.There is always a way to turn blank space into something exciting.

The Photo Backdrop

These wooden panels were placed in a way to create an area where guests could take photos. This was by far one of the most fun places to style and my team worked hard to make these colorful pillars. Florals added the missing pieces and perfectly tied all the hues together. You can also rent these from us for any event, even a wedding ceremony/sweet heart table backdrop. They can be used for anything in any color you like!

Thank you to everyone who made this incredible day possible! I know that there were SO many amazing humans that helped create this space for us, and it was such a surreal experience to watch it all come together. I appreciate each one of you for reading along, and make sure to check out the wonderful vendors who made this dreamy day.

cookies: The Cookie Guru

all the other things: friends, family, and of course US!! If you have an event coming up that needs some pizazz, contact us here. :)

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2 comentarios

Bella Lassiter
Bella Lassiter
02 sept 2021

The photo backdrop and florals are amazing!!!!

Me gusta

#1 new business launching! Ambiance and attention to detail was over the top! Congratulations.

Me gusta
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