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Providing Everything You Need


Package 1

This route is for the couple that has a vision, a general plan, and support from great family and friends throughout the wedding planning process. We come in during the last 60 days before your big day to add those final touches, help find the last vendors, give inspiration and guidance, and ultimately allow you to soak up the end of engagement season without wedding planning stress. You might think you don't need a wedding planner because you want to plan + design everything. We believe each wedding can use a planner to alleviate stress and let your family and friends relax on your day. This process is quite collaborative and fun!


Package 2

This package is for the couple that has a clear vision and Pinterest board of all their ideas. They want to be a part of the planning process, but need assistance actually bringing all the components in their wedding to life. Maybe this means you need help finding vendors or choosing your specialty rentals. That is where we come in to give your vision life and work to keep your budget in tact! Together, we will curate a beautiful theme that fully embodies you and your person. The planning starts 4-6 months before your big day to ensure smooth sails on wedding day.

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Package 3

This package is for the couple that may have a full schedule or needs somebody who has a creative eye with years of experience to grab hold of the reigns. We will take any colors, installations, table scapes, and design elements that inspire you and transform them to fit your style. This process invites you to ask the big questions and think outside of the box. You will get access to the best of the best vendors we recommend that are tailored to fit your exact need on wedding day. We understand you may have a demanding job, so we are here with unlimited communication from the start to the finish of wedding day.


Picnics aren't just for baskets and checkered blankets anymore. When you book us for a picnic, you will receive a customized experience for you and your closest humans to spend some real, intentional time together. We provide the table, decor, location ideas, and more. These picnics are perfect for birthday parties, bridal showers, engagements, date nights, and any excuse you have to throw a special get together with your friends.


Special Events

Let's plan your corporate retreat or your child's 4th birthday. Whatever you need to celebrate, we are here to help. This package is completely customizable depending on what you need! We will design, plan, coordinate, and arrange as much as necessary. Regardless of the size or budget, we build out your event and bring ideas to reality with each special event we host.

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