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An Intentional Friendsgiving

Hello there lovely friends!! I am so excited that the holiday season is finally here. I am not one to really start to celebrate Christmas too early (if you already have your tree up I love that for you though) because I really enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving first! There are so many reasons to love this holiday that get overlooked. Family or friends or chosen family gather together, dress a little cuter than normal, eat amazing food, and share what they are thankful for. How fun! Food, friends, family, yay.

I hope that these photos and ideas can inspire you to create a special gathering with your people. And don't forget, the whole point of this holiday is to be thankful and together. Don't put too much pressure on yourself or others to create the perfect dinner party, because the "perfect" family/friends/neighborhood thanksgiving meal just does not exist!

Let's Talk Thanksgiving

I am so very lucky that my friend Mackenzie let me use her backyard for this special Friendsgiving photo shoot. I wanted to create photos that you can look at and feel inspired to throw an epic night. And here's my biggest secret to throwing parties... ANYONE can do it! Yes, anyone. I think if you are a 25 year old man who lives with 3 guy roommates you can throw an adorable soiree for your dudes and if you are the team mom who volunteers for everything with a few crazy kids running around you can too! Think about small things that you enjoy at Thanksgiving and try to implement them into your dinner.

My first tip is to have delicious food. Some people get intimidated by thanksgiving meals, but you can really make it your own! If you and your friends don't want to take on the challenge of cooking a turkey, switch it up. You can have chicken, ham, or anything else! My girl Martha Stewart actually has a wonderful blog with some ideas for you here. Maybe you don't love pumpkin pie, so you can make apple, coconut cream, or blueberry. Good food is meant to be shared so find some of your favorite dishes and serve them to your friends.

Next up, the table setting. I clearly love setting the table and making it stand out, but I know not everyone has that instilled within them. If you aren't as thrilled about creating a cute moment on your table, I would assign the task to another friend or family member. Tell them it's not your jam and you need help. If you do enjoy decor, then you can get as creative as you want! I love putting gourds and pumpkins across the middle. This can be the focal point or if you are into flowers, you can choose some pretty colors from your local Trader Joe's and arrange them with the pumpkins as well. There are endless possibilities but something I definitely suggest for any and all friendsgivings are candles! They elevate and light up the space. You can use tea lights, taper candles, pillars, or any candles you have lying around your home.

My final simple tip is to simply be surrounded by loved ones! Sometimes you don't have family nearby or are not as close with them, but this is the time where you get to choose which people you want to spend the holiday with. These are your chosen family members, the close friends, neighbors, and loved ones. I hope that you and your people can have a special meal talking about what made your year great and being thankful for what we have.

I am thankful for you reading along! Tag us on instagram @intentionalgatheringsco if you use any of our tips.

Photo: Mackenzie Myers

Models: our cutest friends ;)

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